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Welcome to Dentistry 4 Kids of Bensalem

At DENTISTRY 4 KIDS, LLC, Dr. Bela Vincze specializes in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and fish stories (fact or fiction), but more on the fish stories later. Dr. Vincze believes that his patients are people, not just teeth. He provides each patient with customized, individual care that meets a variety of patient needs and preferences.

….getting back to the subject of fish, you will quickly discover that Dr. Vincze is a fish aficionado. His love of the water is evident by the fish gear in his office and the green fish car that he drives around town. It is safe to say that when Dr. Vincze isn’t thinking about teeth, he has fish on the brain!

So, if you need a dental exam or braces, or want to swap fish stories, visit Dr. Vincze at DENTISTRY 4 KIDS, LLC a call.

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